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I've been trying to figure out a (relatively) painless method for posting my Delicious links to my journal that doesn't involve daily copy-pasting and fiddling with HTML. Delicious will auto-post links to certain blogging platforms, but not, sadly, to LJ-based journals. So, for the first time, I looked into Twitter. It's relatively easy to Tweet links from Delicious, and from there I can post to LJ and DWS. I will grant, though, that it's far from a perfect or elegant solution. My initial experimental post to Livejournal (via LoudTwitter) was not cut-tagged, the format wasn't the one I'd chosen, and the readability of the story information was less than ideal. I know, too, that the daily Twitter posts can be a subject of annoyance. But I think it might be the best way to do this, to post the links with a minimum of annoyance to those reading my journal. (And if it is annoying, please, please tell me. Really.)

The obvious question, I suppose, is why I'm going to all this trouble in the first place. The basic answer is that I seem to have gotten into the rec business via Delicious, and I would like to share those recs on Dreamwidth and Livejournal as well. The Twitter solution seems to be the best way to accomplish this, at least for now. (And if anyone has a nifty utility for posting Delicious links directly to Livejournal, please feel free to mention it. :))

All that said, if you are interested in following my (mostly) daily Torchwood recs on Twitter, my account name is dorothymarley. The Delicious links are the only things posted to that account, so don't follow it if you're interested in my cats, my knitting and/or my arthritis. :)

I should probably also mention that my definition of "rec" is fairly broad, at least for what I'm doing now in Torchwood fandom. The philosophy behind my recommendations is to tag the stories that I both enjoyed myself and that I feel other readers might enjoy as well, no more and no less. I gather stories by sorting through the daily posts of Torchwood fic (mostly via [ profile] torchwood_three). I'm also slowly wading through the 2,000-story backlog in my Torchwood story folder and adding older stories, so chances are there will be a mix of old and new on any given day.

ETA: My apologies to any of my Livejournal friends who happened to be checking their friends-lists at around 3:30am CST. Yeah, those eight million LoudTwitter test posts freaked me out, too, considering that I sent one. I kept deleting them, and then thinking that LJ was messed up because no matter how many times I deleted the post was still there. Finally I realized that the buggers were multiplying, and that the timestamps were different. Seriously, I think it posted at least ten times.



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