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This list was made in response to this request for stories where Jack and Ianto break up (not necessarily permanently). These stories are tagged on Delicious under storyfinder:jackiantobreakup. Although all these stories feature Jack/Ianto (one way or another), several of them also have Jack or Ianto paired with others, noted after the links.

Jack/Ianto Break-Up Stories )
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The first request was for stories in which Ianto and Jack had to deal with homophobia, or where Ianto found himself having difficulty with his attraction to Jack. These are tagged on Delicious under storyfinder:homophobia.

Stories dealing with homophobia )

The second request was for stories in which Jack was cheating on Ianto, or where Ianto was otherwise fed up with Jack's flirting and infidelity. This list is tagged on Delicious under storyfinder:cheatingjack.

Cheating Jack and Jealous Ianto )

Because my readership has shifted a bit in the migration to Dreamwidth, I'll mention again that these aren't recommendations, per se, though they are stories that I feel the person asking will probably enjoy. I draw these links from the pool of stories that I've saved, and if a story is on my hard drive it means no more or less than the fact that I probably read it all the way through at least once. Though I'm obviously going to give weight to stories that I've enjoyed, these lists are merely that: lists of stories that fit certain criteria, and that I think are well-written enough to be enjoyed on that basis.
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Sorry for the spammage. I posted the last list, then realized I need to make a post about not being able to post for a while after my surgery tomorrow, then realized that if I couldn't post after my surgery tomorrow, I couldn't post the next two lists over the next couple of days, either. So, the last two lists:

This request was for stories in which Ianto felt unappreciated by Jack or felt that Jack was in love with Gwen or someone else. It's tagged on Delicious under storyfinder:unappreciatedianto.

Unappreciated Ianto )

The second request was for a specific story in which Jack and Ianto were able to read one another's minds, followed by a more general request for Jack/Ianto mind reading stories:

Mind reading Jack and Ianto )

That's it for now with the lists. As I mentioned above, I'm having my wrist surgery tomorrow, and will probably not be able to type for a couple of weeks. Wish me luck, and take care, everyone! :)



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