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This is a search that tends to come up a lot, so I decided to just go ahead and pre-emptively make a master list of Torchwood BDSM stories. Since most of the time the request is for Jack/Ianto, and also specific about who the Dom is, I've split the list into three parts: Jack/Ianto where Jack is the Dom, Jack/Ianto where Ianto is the Dom, and other pairings with the Dom indicated in a note. I've tagged all three lists as follows:

storyfinder:bdsmjackiantodomjack for Jack/Ianto stories where Jack is the Dom.

storyfinder:bdsmjackiantodomianto for Jack/Ianto stories where Ianto is the Dom.

storyfinder:bdsmotherpairings for all the stories with other pairings.

All three lists are consolidated under the storyfinder:bdsm tag.

Jack/Ianto BDSM, Dom Jack )

Jack/Ianto BDSM, Dom Ianto )

Other BDSM Pairings )
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This list was posted in response to this particular request for Jack/Ianto smutty fluff stories, but there have been several requests for stories on similar themes. So, I made two lists: One for stories that are fluff (without necessarily having sex in them), and another for stories that are mostly about sex. The PWP list fits into the spirit of the fluff list; nothing dark or heavy or angsty, just lots of sex. The request was also for shorter stories, but fluff and PWP stories tend to be self-limiting, so I just left the few longer stories on the list.

I've tagged the listed stories on Delicious as follows:

Fluff Stories: storyfinder:fluff

PWP Stories: storyfinder:pwp

Combined List: storyfinder:pwpfluff

Jack/Ianto Fluff )

Jack/Ianto PWP Stories )



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