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The Torchwood stories I've recced today on Delicious are under the cut.

TW: NEW: Evilawyer: Better Men (Jack, Commander Lytton, Doctor Who Xover, Angst, Spoilers End of Time) #

TW: 2009: lizhowhp: She Falls Apart (Jack, Ianto, Ianto/Lisa, Pre-slash, Jack/Ianto, Angst, AU, Cyberwoman) #

TW: NEW: ladyflowdi: The Dominant Line Between Life and Death (Ianto/Lisa, Jack/ianto, Post-Cyberwoman, Angst) #

TW: 2006: arathkura: Between The Silence And The Storm (Suzie/Tosh, Suzie-centric, Introspection, Dark, Pre-Series) #

TW: 2006: elizayabanci: Stars In The Twinkling Foam (Jack/Dean Winchester, Supernatural Xover, Adult, Humor) #

TW: 2006: calapine: The Quick and the Dead (Jack/Suzie, Introspection, Angst, Dark) #

TW:2006: aibhinn: Interstice (Jack/Rose/Nine, Jack/Gwen, Doctor Who Xover, Angst, Introspection) #

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