Jan. 8th, 2010

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The Torchwood stories I've recced today on Delicious are under the cut.

Daily Torchwood Recs )
dmarley_recs: Torchwood landscape from Countrycide (Default)
As is my usual custom, I'll be adding spoiler tags for the newly-aired episodes of Doctor Who, namely both parts of the "The End of Time." For those who wish to avoid--or seek out--stories that contain spoiler elements from those episodes, I'll be using the tag spoilers:theendoftime to refer to stories that contain spoilers from either Part One or Part Two. Please be aware that stories I've tagged on Delicious with the spoiler warning may also contain tags that in themselves may be spoilers. I'll also continue to use the spoilers:watersofmars tag.

For Twitter followers: Since some of the basic character information I usually share about stories can be considered spoilers in the case of some stories about "The End of Time," I will be using "Spoiler" in the place of some names. You can always find more information on my main Delicious page.

At present, I plan to keep the spoiler warnings in place for at least a month, possibly longer depending on when the main Doctor Who communities begin to relax spoiler standards.

Housekeeping notes: Due to a slight miscalcuation on my part (Tip: When planning the time to show up for a flight, be sure you're reading your departure time from that aiport, not your arrival time at the next airport), I got back a day later and a lot tireder than I thought I would. But I'm back in my routine now, and reading through the backlog of stories posted while I was away. I thought the holidays might be slow in terms of story posting, but this has, somewhat happily for me, not proven to be the case. I'm getting through about two days worth of posting a day, so I will, hopefully, be caught up in another week or so. I hope everyone had a happy New Year! :)


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