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This list was made in response to this request for post-Children of Earth stories. The request was for any good post-Children of Earth stories, but since I already had a list of fixit stories, I made this list of non-fixit stories to compliment it for the full Children of Earth experience. This list is tagged on Delicious under storyfinder:postcoenonfixit. The fixit list is tagged under storyfinder:fixit.

As usual, I've gone broad with my list, and put asterisks beside my favorites. I've also indicated the primary characters and pairings next to the links.

Post-Children of Earth Non-Fixit Stories

20/20 by [ profile] 10leaguesbeyond (Gwen, Johnson, General Odouya, Denise Riley)

*Connected by [ profile] 51stcenturyfox (Canon Characters)

Pathfinder by [ profile] aeshna_uk (Gwen)

Between the Bell Notes by [ profile] adjovi (Jack, Rhiannon)

To Let, a Mini Coda by [ profile] amand_r (Jack, OC)

The Long Way Home by [ profile] azriona (Mica)

When the Butterfly Dies by [ profile] bassair (Jack/Ianto, Tosh/Owen, Gwen)

*Present Arms by [ profile] countesscole (Jack, Doctor)

Possible Futures by [ profile] curriejean (Jack/Ianto, Gwen, Tosh, Owen, Suzie)

*Something Beautiful by [ profile] cyus (Gwen, Gwen/Rhys, Jack/Gwen UST, OCs)

Survivor by [ profile] euclase

Dream The Impossible Dream by [ profile] googlebrat (OC, Dark)

*Salt the Earth: Five Drabbles on a Theme by [ profile] kita0610 (Jack, Rose, Dark)

Not for all the Stars by [ profile] lefaym (Gwen/Rhys, Jack/Gwen UST)

*These Are the Stories by [ profile] nancybrown (Jack)

Noli Me Tangere by [ profile] neifile7 (Jack, Martha)

Red and Fourth by [ profile] rm (Jack/OMC, Jack/Ianto, BDSM)

*At The Still Point by [ profile] sam_storyteller, [ profile] shane_mayhem and [ profile] 51stcenturyfox (Jack/Ten, Spoilers: The End of Time)

*All the Stars in the Sky by [ profile] shane_mayhem (Jack/Diane)

*The Cricket and the Bird by [ profile] solsticezero (Jack/Ianto)

*The Time Traveler's Daughter by [ profile] speedgeek (Jack, Alice)

*Five conversations Gwen Cooper had following the evasion of the apocalypse by [ profile] theohsocurlyone (Gwen/Rhys)

An Ash He Met by Wynkat (Jack, Odin)
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