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The Torchwood stories I've recced today on Delicious are under the cut.

TW: NEW: electro-club: Cast no shadow (Rhiannon, Jack, Angst, COE) #

TW: NEW: amand-r: Hotaru No Hikari (Jack/Tosh, Adult, TW Secret Santa, *****) #

TW: NEW: erin-giles: Unquestioning Love (Ianto, Rhiannon, Tosh, Post-Cyberwoman, Angst, Hurt/Comfort) #

TW: NEW: mimarie: Fair Game (Jack/Gwen, Adult, BDSM) #

TW: NEW: beesandbrews: Doctor's Orders (Ianto&Owen, [Jack/Ianto], Hurt/Comf
ort, Humor) #

TW: NEW: lefaym: Stray Thoughts (Tosh, Ianto, Ianto/Tosh UST, Angst, Adult, Introspection, Christmas) #

TW: NEW: xtricks: Wonderful Life (Jack/Ianto/Gwen, PWP, Adult, TW Secret Santa) #

TW: NEW: laridaes: Two Hours Until Midnight (Jack/ianto, Team, Aliens, Angst, Hurt/Comfort) #

TW: NEW: curriejean: Friends in High Places (Pre-Series, Team, Suzie, Lisa, Xover Doctor Who, Christmas Invasion) <
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