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This list was made in response to this request for post-Children of Earth stories. The request was for any good post-Children of Earth stories, but since I already had a list of fixit stories, I made this list of non-fixit stories to compliment it for the full Children of Earth experience. This list is tagged on Delicious under storyfinder:postcoenonfixit. The fixit list is tagged under storyfinder:fixit.

As usual, I've gone broad with my list, and put asterisks beside my favorites. I've also indicated the primary characters and pairings next to the links.

Post-Children of Earth Non-Fixit Stories )
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This list was made in response to this request for stories where the characters are parents of older children (with an emphasis on Jack and Ianto being parents). It's tagged on Delicious under storyfinder:parenting. I tried to stick to stories where we see the parenting in the story or where the parent aspect is major plot point, and not just list stories where the characters have older children. Sometimes the parenting parts are only sections of larger stories, but I've tried to make a note of those.

The first section lists the stories in which Jack and Ianto have children together, or are raising one another's children. The second section lists stories where Jack has children and Ianto wasn't involved with the upbringing. The third section is theoretically about stories in which other characters have children, but in practice this seems to mostly mean Gwen, with one story about Ianto.

Jack/Ianto As Parents )

Jack As A Parent )

Other Characters As Parents )
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This list was made in response to this request for timetravel fix stories (not "fixit"s necessarily, just stories that altered canon events). It's tagged on Delicious under storyfinder:timetravelfixes. ETA: Some time after I posted this list, I realized that I had, at some previous point, made a storyfinder:fixit list. While there is, obviously, some overlap, the fixit list has a lot more stories than the "Children of Earth" section in this post, so if you're looking for those stories you might want to check out that tag.

I split these up into three categories. The "Children of Earth" fix stories were enough to merit their own section, and I decided to split up the other stories between fixing things that happened in canon and fixing things that didn't (for instance, going in back in time to rescue a team member who'd been sucked into a vortex, fixing something in the non-canon future, etc.), since I wasn't sure if the OP was interested in those or not. I've indicated which character(s) travel in time after the link.

Children of Earth Fixes )

Canon Fixes )

Non-Canon Fixes )
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Flu season seems to have brought out a desire for readers to wallow in the discomfort of others. :) This list was made in response to this request for Ianto whump. It's tagged on Delicious under storyfinder:iantowhump. Not surprisingly, since the request includes a) Ianto and b) Ianto being hurt, this is another long list. I've put asterisks beside my favorites to aid the overwhelmed.

In case you're not familiar with the term "whump," it (usually) refers to hurt/comfort stories where the hurt is mostly physical, and also where the "hurt" part of the story significantly outweighs the "comfort" part. Used to be called "get" stories, if that helps.

I probably should have mentioned long before this that, while I don't put summaries and comments on these journal lists, I always include the author's summary (if provided) and sometimes add commentary on the Delicious bookmarks. One day I'll copy that stuff over here....

Ianto Whump Stories )
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This list was made in response to this request for Jack/Ianto hurt/comfort, preferably long, no rating too high. It's tagged on Delicious under storyfinder:jackiantohurtcomfort. I decided to focus on stories that were at least 5,000 words or longer (though I slipped a few shorter favorites in). I tried to split the list into physical vs. emotional hurt/comfort to make it more managable, but there was so much overlap I had to give up. So, I went for the Big Huge List (with asterisks).

Jack/Ianto Hurt/Comfort )
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This list was made in response to this request for stories involving Ianto's time at Torchwood One. It's tagged on Delicious under storyfinder:iantoattorchwood1. A lot of these stories--plus a few others that I didn't list because they either didn't deal with Ianto at Torchwood One or didn't explicitly reference his time there--are tagged under torchwood1 and also under backstory:ianto.

I split this into two parts. The first part will have links to stories that take place during Ianto's time at Torchwood One. The next list will be for stories that take place afterwards, but which reference Ianto's time at Torchwood One or involve his return to Torchwood One. Most of the stories are Jack/Ianto, but I've noted stories where Ianto is paired with someone else.

Ianto at Torchwood One )

Ianto After Torchwood One )
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I've been looking over my backlog of storyfinder lists, and there are quite a few of them. Way too many, in fact, to post as separate posts in any reasonable time frame without spamming the journal. So, I'm compromising. Following is a list of Delicious tags to all the thematic lists I've made in the last few months and haven't yet posted here, with explanations of what was asked for. I will be making posts with the full list of direct links for at least some of the longer lists, but until then this will at least get the links out there, if not as prettily. :) (If you do want the links list, which sometimes has additional notes and information, check the original request post linked with each tag.)

Also, a note about the thematic lists. As I tag stories, I try to add new stories to the appropriate storyfinder tag on Delicious, but as yet I haven't found a workable non-time-intensive way to go back and add them to the links in the older journal posts. If a list is a couple of months old, therefore, you might want to check the Delicious tag to see if I've added any new stories. You might want to check the links to the original request as well, since my list is often only one of several.

If you're interested in the rest of the thematic lists, you can find them on Delicious under the storyfinder tag, and in this journal under the torchwood finder lists tag. (Livejournal tag)

Recent Themed Lists )
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Request number one was for stories featuring pheromones, and request number two, made shortly thereafter, was for "aliens/sex pollen/alien tech made them do it." Since the two requests more or less overlapped, I've smushed them together in one post. All the stories carry the usual dub-con implications that go with the AMTDI trope, but I've also noted the stories that go well beyond that base assumption and into non-con.

I've also been working on my Delicious tags this week, and have a) caught up with my "totag" tag and b) starting adding tags for storyfinder request lists. This set, for instance, will (hopefully soon) be tagged with "storyfinder:pheromones" and "storyfinder:aliensmadethemdoit." I have also laboriously divorced my personal bookmarks from this Delicious account, since it was just too unwieldly to have the tags for my 1000+ personal bookmarks cluttering up the tags I really use.

Stories featuring pheromones )

Aliens, etc., made them do it )
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Sorry for the spammage. I posted the last list, then realized I need to make a post about not being able to post for a while after my surgery tomorrow, then realized that if I couldn't post after my surgery tomorrow, I couldn't post the next two lists over the next couple of days, either. So, the last two lists:

This request was for stories in which Ianto felt unappreciated by Jack or felt that Jack was in love with Gwen or someone else. It's tagged on Delicious under storyfinder:unappreciatedianto.

Unappreciated Ianto )

The second request was for a specific story in which Jack and Ianto were able to read one another's minds, followed by a more general request for Jack/Ianto mind reading stories:

Mind reading Jack and Ianto )

That's it for now with the lists. As I mentioned above, I'm having my wrist surgery tomorrow, and will probably not be able to type for a couple of weeks. Wish me luck, and take care, everyone! :)
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One way I've been amusing myself lately is by tracking down Torchwood fanfiction stories on [ profile] twstoryfinder and [ profile] twgenrefinders. It's something I can do that doesn't involve much typing apart from copy pasta, and it also usefully exploits my bizarre habit of saving every piece of fanfiction I read.

I thought, therefore, that I'd re-post some of the lists I've compiled, for the future edification of Torchwood genre-seekers. These are not recommendations per se. If a story is on my hard drive it means no more or less than the fact that I probably read it all the way through at least once. These lists are merely that: lists of stories that fit certain criteria.

Without further ado, here's the first list, tagged on Delicious under storyfinder:backstorysuzie:

Stories that feature pre-series explorations of Suzie's character )



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