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Livejournal has recently changed the way tags are handled as links. Previously, you needed a "+" sign in place of spaces in order to make a tag link work inside a post (for example, "thematic+lists"). Now, the tag needs to be just as it appears on the tag list (clinging to our example, "thematic lists"). While this means that it's much easier to code the darn things now, it means that all the Livejournal tag links I've already coded into posts no longer work. The good news, though, is that Dreamwidth links work either way (bless you, Dreamwidth, :)), and the journal tags will be fine.

So. If you run across a tag linked within a post, for instance, "To look at the themed lists, look at the thematic lists tag (thematic lists tag on Livejournal)," the first link will be to the Dreamwidth version of this journal, and it will work whether or not I've fixed the tag. The second link, the Livejournal link, may or may not work depending on whether I've gotten around to editing that particular post yet.

The sidebar tags and post tags and all other journal tags will still work fine. It's just the tags I've coded into the posts themselves that are messed up.

ETA: I think I've repaired all the journal links now. Please let me know if you find any broken links, either here or on the Delicious bookmarks. Thanks!
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As is my usual custom, I'll be adding spoiler tags for the newly-aired episodes of Doctor Who, namely both parts of the "The End of Time." For those who wish to avoid--or seek out--stories that contain spoiler elements from those episodes, I'll be using the tag spoilers:theendoftime to refer to stories that contain spoilers from either Part One or Part Two. Please be aware that stories I've tagged on Delicious with the spoiler warning may also contain tags that in themselves may be spoilers. I'll also continue to use the spoilers:watersofmars tag.

For Twitter followers: Since some of the basic character information I usually share about stories can be considered spoilers in the case of some stories about "The End of Time," I will be using "Spoiler" in the place of some names. You can always find more information on my main Delicious page.

At present, I plan to keep the spoiler warnings in place for at least a month, possibly longer depending on when the main Doctor Who communities begin to relax spoiler standards.

Housekeeping notes: Due to a slight miscalcuation on my part (Tip: When planning the time to show up for a flight, be sure you're reading your departure time from that aiport, not your arrival time at the next airport), I got back a day later and a lot tireder than I thought I would. But I'm back in my routine now, and reading through the backlog of stories posted while I was away. I thought the holidays might be slow in terms of story posting, but this has, somewhat happily for me, not proven to be the case. I'm getting through about two days worth of posting a day, so I will, hopefully, be caught up in another week or so. I hope everyone had a happy New Year! :)
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I think it's finally time to retire the "spoilers:childrenofearth" tag. It's been nearly five months since the episodes aired, and with most communities having already eased off their spoiler protection I think I can remove the explicit spoiler tag. I've renamed it to episode:childrenofearth. This way, readers will still be able to filter "Children of Earth" stories (the "torchwood:series3" tag, which in practice covers the exact same stories, will also remain.) I'm also going to continue to use the "nochildrenofearth" tag for those who want to avoid "Children of Earth" stories.

Speaking of explicit spoiler tags, I'll be using a "spoilers:watersofmars" tag for stories that spoil the new Doctor Who episode "Waters of Mars." If you wish to avoid (or seek out :)) crossover stories that spoil that episode, you'll want to keep an eye out for that tag.

Also, a reminder: I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon and will likely not have internet access until Sunday or Monday. We will return to your regularly scheduled recs then. Have a great week!

ETA for Twitter followers: Character limits permitting, I will continue to flag "Children of Earth"-related stories with "COE," but will be dropping the "Spoilers" label.


Oct. 26th, 2009 06:33 pm
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I've now tagged all the thematic lists with characters, pairings, genres, and fandoms. Hopefully this will make it a bit easier to browse the lists. You can find a full list of tags on the tags page, here:
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Hello, and welcome to my rec journal. This is the main information post about what's here and how to find it, but the short and easy answer is to just friend this journal to get my daily rec updates and links to thematic lists. The volume of this journal is 1-2 posts per day: One post to update my Delicious recs via Twitter, and one or two thematic posts per week. I also have a monthly five-star rec post. If you want more information about what I rec and why, please read on.

I routinely look at the stories posted on [ profile] torchwood_three, the Torchwood category on A Teaspoon and an Open Mind and the Torchwood category on Archive of Our Own. I also have a lot of older stories saved, and as I read through the old and the new I pick out the ones that I think are enjoyable and readable and bookmark them on Delicious. With lots of tags. I also include summaries (when provided by the author) and occasional commentary on the Delicious bookmarks, so if you're looking for more detail, you'll want to visit the Delicious site.

I think of my recs primarily as a reading filter, aimed at readers who might not have time to click through everything posted every day, and also aimed at new fans who might feel overwhelmed at the sheer volume of stories out there. My primary goal is pick out the stories I feel are mechanically and stylistically sound, and let the reader go on from there.

If that's too broad for your tastes, I also have a five-star tag (literally, *****) that I use for stories which I found outstanding in some way. Every month, I make a post to this journal highlighting the five-star stories I bookmarked that month, with links and commentary. These lists are tagged here under the five-star recs tag (five-star recs tag on Livejournal). I also highly recommend [ profile] torchwood_house, a well-organized and comprehensive recommendation community.

I follow [ profile] twgenrefinders and, as I have time and inclination, make up thematic lists based on the requests here. I re-post them here under the "torchwood finder lists" tag. (torchwood finder lists tag on Livejournal) and also under the more general "thematic lists" tag (thematic lists tag on Livejournal). You can also browse these lists through the character, pairing and genre tags on the tags page (tags page on Livejournal).

More detailed information on where to find my recs, and how to follow as I update them )

Any questions, please drop a comment.
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ETA November 23, 2009: I've now stopped using the spoiler tag for "Children of Earth." All "Children of Earth" stories are now tagged with "episode:childrenofearth" and/or "torchwood:series3." You can find more information about the tags at this post.

Okay, I'm cheating, because this isn't an actual story list. Or rather, it's kind of an on-going story list.

What with the recent airing of "Children of Earth," the Torchwood fanfiction community has been--understandably--a bit overwhelmed with stories about the mini-series. In an effort to aid those readers who a) might not have seen "Children of Earth" yet or b) want to take a break from reading about "Children of Earth," I have (inspired by [ profile] zortified) added a "nochildrenofearth" tag to my Delicious bookmarks.

These are stories which contain no spoilers about "Children of Earth," and do not take place during that time period of the series.

I've only tagged back as far as July 6th, the day "Children of Earth" began to air. If you want to read non-"Children of Earth" stories I bookmarked before then, just go to the main bookmark page and scroll/page until you get to July 5th. You're safe from there on back. :)

ETA: Playing the part of my brain, [ profile] adina_atl has reminded me how easily the Bulk Edit function works (we won't mention that I used it to add the new tag to all the recent stories and then failed to think about the fact that it would work on all my tags at once, no really), and I've gone ahead and tagged all my bookmarks with "nochildrenofearth" as appropriate. That means that if you begin by using that tag and keep adding other tags to it (there's a list of + tags to the right when you get to the bookmark page), you will not encounter "Children of Earth" stories. Yes, it means that a huge majority of my bookmarks are tagged that way, but that's not really a problem and it does mean that readers can surf un-spoiled. I hope. :)

For those who do want to read more stories about "Children of Earth," I've tagged everything having to do with it with "spoilers:childrenofearth." I've also tagged most of the stories "torchwood:series3" and, where applicable, "torchwood:post-series3."

Also be aware that the "torchwood:post-series" tag--which covers stories that take place in the far-enough future to be unlikely to ever be covered by canon--may include "Children of Earth" spoilers even if there's not a specific Series 3 tag. In that case, there will be a "spoilers:childrenofearth" tag in place. As a final warning, be aware that some of the tags on "Children of Earth" stories may in themselves be spoilers.

(ETA September 6, 2009: It's been two months now since "Children of Earth" aired, and most communities have eased up on spoiler protection. I've thought about whether or not to stop using the spoiler tags, and have decided that, for now, I'll continue to use both the "nochildrenofearth" tag and the "spoilers:childrenofearth" tag for at least another month. It's very likely that I will eventually drop the "spoilers:childrenofearth" tag, but I may continue to use the "nochildrenofearth" one, simply because I can see where readers might want to filter those stories.)



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