Mar. 1st, 2010

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Following are the five-star recommendations for February, 2010. You can find these stories tagged on Delicious under the ***** tag, where you can further explore by navigating the tags. You can also find all the five-star rec posts on this journal under the five-star recs tag (five-star recs tag on Livejournal).

Since I've recommended a few older stories in this batch, I've split the post up into older and newer stories and also added publication dates to all the stories.

Five-Star Recommendations for February, 2010

Older Stories

It'll End in Tears by invisible-lift )

Waltzing the Bruise, the Mechanism Unspools by kayliemalinza )

From Which Come All Things by mclachlan )

Threads That Are Golden Don't Break Easily by paperclipbitch )

Current Stories

WYSIWYG by cupidsbow )

Pons Asinorum (Elefuga) by curriejean )

Dovegrey and Crystalline by jenwryn )

Madrigal dei Traditori by Nancy Brown )

The Cricket and the Bird by solsticezero )


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