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The Torchwood stories I've recced today on Delicious are under the cut.

TW: NEW: trobadora: Breakthrough (Jack/Ten, Doctor Who Xover, Adult) #

TW: NEW: wykling: No Rewind (Jack/Ianto, Ianto/OMC, Angst, Grief, Post-COE) #

TW: NEW: Wynkat: The Sins of Castle Gate (Jack/Ianto, Team, Adult, Character Study, *****) #

TW: NEW: invisible_lift: Sex Among Men and the Early Days of Photography (Jack/OCs, Adult, Multi, PWP) #

TW: NEW: electro_club: Epitáfio (Ja
ck/Ianto, [Tosh], Angst, Introspection, Character Study, *****) #

TW: NEW: blackbird_song: Pictures (Jack/Ianto, Gwen, COE, Angst, Introspection, Character Study, *****) #

TW: NEW: wildeagain: Coffee In The Pot (Jack/Ianto, Angst, Post-Cyberwoman) #

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