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The Torchwood stories I've recced today on Delicious are under the cut.

TW: NEW: lullabelle: Indolence (Gwen/Rhys, Humor, Vignette) #

TW: NEW: holladay-street: To Patch This Together (Jack/Ianto, Angst, Vignette, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) #

TW: 2010: shane-mayhem: Blue-Eyed Jack (1940sJack, 1940sJack/Jack, Angst, Pre-Series, WWII, Introspection) #

TW: NEW: lefaym: Too Many Clothes (Jack/Ianto, Datefic, Fluff, Romance) #

TW: 2010: laridaes: The Gulls (Jack/Iant
o, Ianto/Lisa, AU, Reel-TW, HItchcock's Birds, Suspense, Timetravel) #

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