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Livejournal has recently changed the way tags are handled as links. Previously, you needed a "+" sign in place of spaces in order to make a tag link work inside a post (for example, "thematic+lists"). Now, the tag needs to be just as it appears on the tag list (clinging to our example, "thematic lists"). While this means that it's much easier to code the darn things now, it means that all the Livejournal tag links I've already coded into posts no longer work. The good news, though, is that Dreamwidth links work either way (bless you, Dreamwidth, :)), and the journal tags will be fine.

So. If you run across a tag linked within a post, for instance, "To look at the themed lists, look at the thematic lists tag (thematic lists tag on Livejournal)," the first link will be to the Dreamwidth version of this journal, and it will work whether or not I've fixed the tag. The second link, the Livejournal link, may or may not work depending on whether I've gotten around to editing that particular post yet.

The sidebar tags and post tags and all other journal tags will still work fine. It's just the tags I've coded into the posts themselves that are messed up.

ETA: I think I've repaired all the journal links now. Please let me know if you find any broken links, either here or on the Delicious bookmarks. Thanks!
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