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The Torchwood stories I've recced today on Delicious are under the cut.

TW: NEW: Torchwood Virtual Series (Jack, Ianto, Gwen, AU, Multi-media, Fiction, Art, Blogs, Documents, WIP) #

TW: NEW: amand_r: The Good Spirit of the Forest (Post-COE, Canon Characters, Angst) #

TW: NEW: ninjasnano: Non Sum Qualis Eram (Team [Season 2], Mystery, Adventure, Suspense) #

TW: NEW: solsticezero: This is not for you (Ianto, Tosh, Jack, House of Leaves Xover, Mystery, Suspense, Angst) #

TW: 2008: ninjasnano: Motherless Boys (Jack/Ianto, Angst, Backstory, Adrift, From Out of the Rain) #

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