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I will sleep soon, I promise, and stop posting lists to [ profile] twgenrefinders and therefore stop spamming this journal with them. But first...

This list was made in response to this request for post-Something Borrowed stories featuring Jack/Ianto and a happy ending (angst a bonus). It's tagged on Delicious under storyfinder:jackiantopostsomethingborrowedhappyending. (Type that three times fast. ;))

There was one story I waffled about including, because, while it's a darn good story, it was borderline on one of the parameters. I've put a "highlight to read" note on it so you can decide for yourself if that factor matters to you.

Jack/Ianto Post-Something Borrowed

Magwitch by [ profile] angstosaur

We Could Have Paris by [ profile] beesandbrews

These Parts Won't Break by [ profile] clockstopper

Subterranean Homesick Alien by [ profile] curriejean

Holding On Is Hard To Do by [ profile] demotu

Half the Battle by [ profile] ivy03

House of Glass and Fog by [ profile] ladyofcastillo

Crushed by Lazuli

Something Blue Lazuli

Catharsis by [ profile] nightanddaze

Something Blue by [ profile] pen_strokes Content information, highlight to read: Contains dubious consent. Also, while there's resolution and healing in place and Jack and Ianto are definitely together, the end of the story is more the promise of the happy ending than the thing itself.

Three In A Bed by [ profile] remuslives23

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World by [ profile] rm and [ profile] kalichan

Come Midnight by [ profile] solsticezero


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