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This list was made in response to this request for Jack/Other stories. I wasn't sure if crossover characters were okay with the original poster, but I thought they'd be handy to list. So, I split the list into two main parts: stories where Jack is with an original (or historical) character, and stories where he's with a non-Whoverse fictional character. I've tagged the whole list on Delicious under storyfinder:jacknonwhoversecharacters.

Jack/Original Characters

First, because it kind of defies categorization:

The Tin Box; A Story with Pictures by [ profile] sam_storyteller (Jack/Various historical and fictional characters)


Survivor by [ profile] euclase

Stupid Human Tricks by [ profile] sam_storyteller (Okay, this one is cheating. But it doesn't make much difference in the context of the story, and it's a good story.)

Courtship Season by [ profile] xtricks


For Altameyer by [ profile] cthonus (Jack/OMC)

Calypso by [ profile] neifile7 (Jack/OMC)

Because Men Once Went West by [ profile] rm (Jack/OFC)

Red and Fourth by [ profile] rm (Jack/OMC, BDSM)

As Like To Walk On The Moon by [ profile] the_silver_sun (Jack/OMC)

Big Bend to Boner by [ profile] spiderine (Jack/OFCs)

A Flower at the Grave by [ profile] verasteine (Jack/OMC)


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Burying the Past and Reconnecting by [ profile] unfeathered; A Certain Sense of Home by [ profile] sistercarrion (Jack/Rupert Giles, BDSM)

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Never Love a Wild Thing by [ profile] 51stcenturyfox (Jack/Holly Golightly)

Cthulu Mythos

Little Jacks by [ profile] ballroomblitz (Jack/Cthulu, Crack)

Queer as Folk (US)

Pandora by [ profile] melina123 (Jack/Brian Kinney)

Looney Tunes

Torchwood Goes Watercolor by [ profile] canaana (Jack/Porky Pig, Humor)


Between Friends and Play Upon My Heart a Song by [ profile] skidmo_fic (Jack/Nikola Tesla, BDSM)

Star Wars

Hi, I'm Captain Jack Harkness by [ profile] frostfire_17 (Jack/Chewbacca)

Stargate: Atlantis

A Holiday Humour by [ profile] janne_d (Jack/John Sheppard)

Gravity by [ profile] misslucyjane (Jack/Rodney McKay)

I Know the Reason by [ profile] skidmo_fic (Jack/Evan Lorne)


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