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This list was made in response to this request for stories where the characters are parents of older children (with an emphasis on Jack and Ianto being parents). It's tagged on Delicious under storyfinder:parenting. I tried to stick to stories where we see the parenting in the story or where the parent aspect is major plot point, and not just list stories where the characters have older children. Sometimes the parenting parts are only sections of larger stories, but I've tried to make a note of those.

The first section lists the stories in which Jack and Ianto have children together, or are raising one another's children. The second section lists stories where Jack has children and Ianto wasn't involved with the upbringing. The third section is theoretically about stories in which other characters have children, but in practice this seems to mostly mean Gwen, with one story about Ianto.

Jack/Ianto As Parents

It's (Un) Complicated by [ profile] amand_r (Part of the We Held Gold Dust in Our Hands universe. Other stories in the series deal with the children when they're younger. Jack/Ianto/Lisa.)

The Past is Like the Weather (it will come and it will go) by [ profile] blackfic

Partners and Parents by [ profile] ceefax_the_sane (AU in which Gwen, Owen, Tosh and Suzie are Jack's children and Ianto is their stepfather.)

Innocence Bound Series by Danse Macabre (This doesn't fit the letter of the request, but I thought I'd list it as being of possible interest. In this series, Ianto has been de-aged, and Jack ends up raising him to adulthood again. Some of the stories are when Ianto is physically around 4 or 5, others are when he's older, including a teenager. You can get a pretty good idea of what's going on in each story by reading the summaries.)

Get Loved, Make More, Try to Stay Alive by [ profile] dsudis

Something That Starts With "S" by [ profile] holdingoff (Jack and Ianto's grown daughter makes a number of appearances in this story/series, and we get a lot of information about how they raised her.)

Letting Go by [ profile] miss_zedem (In this story, we meet Jack and Ianto's grown grandson.)

Seren by [ profile] tanarian

Jack As A Parent

Looking In by [info - personal] beatrice_otter (Jack/OFCs implied)

Secret Admirer and Unfixed Wishes by [ profile] christine_twfan (This is primarily about Jack and Ianto, and Jack's children appear in certain scenes. Jack/Ianto, Jack/OCs implied.)

A Matter of Time by [ profile] demotu (Jack/Ianto, Jack/OCs)

Swing Low by [ profile] demotu (Jack/Gwen)

They Tell Me It Happened On A Wednesday by [ profile] marita_c (Jack/Ianto, Jack/OFC implied, Ianto/OFC)

Prodigal by [ profile] nancybrown (Jack/OFC implied)

Closed Circuit by [ profile] szm (The main plot is about Jack being a parent, but there's not really any on-screen parenting. Jack/Martha, Jack/Ianto.)

Other Characters As Parents

From Here to There and Back Again with You by [ profile] blue_fjords (Parents: Gwen/Rhys)

Something Beautiful by [ profile] cyus (Parents: Gwen/Rhys)

White Sand That Melts into Spring by [info - personal] james (Parent: Ianto)

Everywhere is Walking Distance, If You Have the Time by [ profile] mellacita (Parents: Gwen/Rhys)


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